Chesterfield Birth Index 1838 to 1971

The Chesterfield Birth Index (1838-1971) is available below as a download. Of the 298 Rotherham births registered in the Chesterfield district in Derbyshire between 1838 and 1971, 85% share a common ancestry and are attributable to “The Rotherhams of Eckington” family group.

Those births highlighted in red cannot be attributed to a family group at present owing to the absence of parent information. Any help with this information would be appreciated.

Chesterfield Birth Index 1838 to 1971 – Click to download


Rotherham Casualties in the Great War

“For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today”

Counted amongst the many millions of service men and women serving in the First World War (“The Great War”), ten English members of the Rotherham family made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.

Most were soldiers, just one serving in the Royal Navy in Hong Cong, and most were killed in action or died from their injuries. They enlisted in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Rotherham, Chesterfield and Leamington Spa, and their details are available for download by clicking the link below. Two of those listed have the variant surname Rotheram.

Rotherham Casualties in the First World War – click to download

Return of Owners of Land, 1873

The Return of Owners of Land was compiled by the Government in response to widespread claims that the 1861 Census and other sources showed that land ownership was being increasingly concentrated in the hands of a very small class of the population. The survey was prepared by the Local Government Board, and published in 1875 as The Return of Owners of Land, 1873. The Return listed by county the owners of all land holdings, in acres roods and square poles, and estimated yearly rental income, of all holdings over 1 acre. The survey, sometimes called the New Domesday Book, is the most valuable source of information about the extent and concentration of land at that time.

Data has been extracted from the Return for England showing 13 landowners with the surname Rotherham (including one variant surname Rotheram) within each of the counties in which name is recorded. It should be noted that the Return omitted urban property holdings in London.

Return of Owners of Land 1873 – click to download